Why use our Data Cleaning Service?

Rapid turnaround of data on demand
Bureau service run by data experts
Over 40 years experience in cleaning data
Manual postcoding available for failed records

Staying compliant

Under the GDPR we all have an obligation to keep data as clean as possible and BBS can help keep your data both postally correct and compliant.

Art of Deduplication

BBS have spent many years building complex algorithms to find duplicate records in data and can help remove duplicates from your data saving you money.

Intuitive data cleaning

Instant data verification. Checks instantly whether data entered as part of the application process is correct. Our unique ‘fuzzy matching’ capability corrects misspellings and abbreviations and ‘fills in the blanks’ if information is missing altogether.

Best of breed

BBS have been developing and improving PAF based data cleansing software for over 37 years and have unique insight into how to get the best results from your data.

37 years of data cleaning

A wealth of experience. With BBS you are getting access to some of the most experienced address cleaning experts in the industry and our pedigree ensures that your data is in great hands.

Manual postcoding service

Interactive correction of failed records. We have a unique interactive service that allows us to correct any records that have failed the automatic address cleaning process.

Additional data cleansing available

In addition to our standard address cleaning processes we can offer these extra optional services on request.
We can screen against various external files and where we get a match we can flag the record so that it can be returned to you and flagged on your own database as a do not mail and the reason why.

Supression matching uses the following external files

  • National Change of Address Update (NCOA) (supplies new address)
  • National Change of Address Suppression (NCOA)
  • GAS The Goneaway Suppression File
  • NDR The National Deceased Register
  • TBR The Bereavement Register
  • Mortascreen
  • Purity
  • Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

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