How BBS Movers Data can help

Most of your customers' circumstances will change over the years, and so will their behaviours. To communicate effectively with your customers, you need to understand the life events they're going through, so you can personalise your customer experience, improve engagement and increase your conversions.

Being able to identify and act on your customers' life events can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and customer contact programmes. You'll be communicating with your customers when they need your products or services most.

BBS Movers Data

Even your best customers might forget to tell you when they've moved house, meaning you risk losing contact with them. BBS Movers Data enables you to trace an individual to a new address, or better still - identify when they're about to move.

By understanding when your customers are about to move house, or may have just moved house - you can act quickly and help your customers with taking out a loan or house insurance, purchasing furniture, or switching energy provider.

With a weekly data feed that includes the date solicitors were instructed, we can help you pinpoint both pre movers and post movers with your targeted message.

Pre & Post Movers
Weekly data updates
GDPR Compliant
No minimum quantities

Maximise sales opportunities

Knowing when your customers need your products or services enables you to target them with a higher likelihood of conversion. Event driven communications have a 5x better response rate.

Maintain customer relationships

BBS Movers data is also a great way of maintaining your customer relationships, and helps encourage repeat purchasing and loyalty, as you'll be targeting your customers with your products or services, exactly when they need them.

Improve your reputation

Targeting your customers with the products or services they want, at the time they need them will increase your customer satisfaction, and contribute towards improving your brand reputation.

Supplying you with the freshest data

BBS Movers data provides you with insights of where a property is within the house sale life cycle enabling you to personalise your message boosting increased engagement.

Finding new movers


Finding pre & post movers can really help lift furniture sales

When people move home this is often the catalyst to a significant furniture purchase.

Your customers’ circumstances will change, leading to differing behaviours. Being able to identify, understand and act on these changes can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing and customer contact programmes. You can contact customers at the exact time they need your products and services most.

By understanding when your customers are about to move or have recently moved house, you can quickly act and help your customers with switching energy provider, purchase new furnishings or take out a loan.

Did you know?

> 10% of UK consumers move house each year

> Home movers spend £12bn per year on products related to their move such as furniture and household appliances

> Event driven communications typically achieve a minimum 5 x increase in response rates

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