What is the Partially Addressed Service?

Partially Addressed Mail is a standard addressed advertising mail product that identifies potential customers using sophisticated targeting options without the use of personalised data.

  • Partially Addressed enables acquisition without the use of personal data, by targeting households using geo-demographics at postcode level (c. 15 households).
  • Existing customers are removed, so you are not wasting your budget or sending them acquisition material when they are already one of your customers.
  • It contains no personal information about the recipient. the mailings will be partially addressed to the "occupant" or to the "home lover", whatever you want to choose.
On-line PAF counts available
Free PAF data if BBS carry out your mailing
Register for on-line counts & rates
Dedupe & suppression service available.

PAF data extractions for partially addressed

Using our on-line PAF engine you can enter in your existing customer postcodes so we can generate all the other records on the same postcodes and produce a prospect file for a partially addressed mailing. All our PAF extracts will be supplied with the required Royal Mail PAF licence.

Sophisticated targeting available

In addition to entering your own postcodes you can add postal sectors or ask the system to generate records within a distance of a certain location such as a store. The data can also be extracted based upon the demographic profile using the very powerful Acorn profiling system from CACI.

Full data and mailing service available

BBS can carry out your partially addressed campaign in full from sophisticated targeting, address generation, deduplication of customers and opt-outs through to the the print and fulfilment of your campaign. If BBS carry out the fulfilment of your campaign we will include the PAF data extract FREE OF CHARGE.

Register on-line for rapid counts of prospects

Register for full access to the on-line count engine where you can carry out your own counts and save and modify as required. When you are ready to proceed we can supply the data to you on receipt of payment.

What are the Partially Addressed requirements

  • All mailers must carrier a declaration about personal data not being used.
  • You must use a version of PAF that removes any postcode that can identify an individual.
  • You must exclude customers and any opt -outs you have received from the mailing.
  • Royal Mail have a minimum volume of 10,000 records for this service.
  • Royal Mail recommend you exclude any Mailing Preference Service records from the mailing.

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