Why use BBS for your customer insight?

BBS have some really innovative tools that help us to understand your client data but we also have a significant amount of experience in understanding the analysis we produce, and interpreting the results to give you a competitive edge.

We really know the independent retail market place with over 500 clients in this sector and over the years have developed some excellent intellectual property to enable us not only to build upon your catchment areas but also find new look alike clients most likely to respond to your communications.

Customer segmentation & analysis

Knowing 'who' your customers are is not about guesswork. It's about having the right customer analysis and consumer segmentation tools to offer the insights you want when you need them, BBS can help.
Ask yourself these simple questions -:
How can you attract new and profitable customers?
•Who are your customers and what do they look like?
•How can you ensure you're marketing the right offer with the right message?
•How can you instill loyalty, reduce churn and increase customer value?
•What are the geodemographic profiles of your markets?
•Where can you find these potential new customers?
•How can you define and optimise your retail catchments?

Working with the customer insight team at BBS using ACORN from CACI is your key to customer understanding.
Helping you to maximise new customer acquistion
Understanding where your customers are coming from
Intelligent insight about your customers demographic
Supplying you with the freshest most accurate prospects

New customer acquistion

We can help you source top quality prospects to help grow your customer. By understanding your clients profile we can be very targeted in finding more of the same profile in your catchment.

Understanding your catchment area

Using the latest mapping technology we can find out where your catchment area is and the density of clients in each postal sector. This helps to make sure your marketing mix is targeted to the correct area.

Intelligent insight into your customers

Using Acorn demographic profiling we can provide a valuable insight into your customers so that we can use this information to find more like minded relevant targeted prospects and this helps to improve response rates and build your business.

Supplying you with the freshest data

Working with a number of excellent data partners we can provide the freshest, most accurate prospects available for your campaign.

Finding new prospects

Looking for Targeted Consumer data?

We can help you source top quality fresh consumer data

Looking for wealthy consumers in Wilmslow, recent mail order spenders or people with larger than average gardens, we can help.

We have access to many sources of data and once we have understood your requirements, hopefully profiled any existing data to confirm your target audience and catchment we can provide counts and costs.

Looking for Targeted Business data?

We can source a wide variety of business to business data.

Looking for Welders in Warrington, Accountants in Accrington, Nurses in Newquay or Teachers in Telford BBS can help.

What ever your requirements, and the more specific the better, we can search through our many different sources and find the best data to meet your requirements.

We will provide you with counts and various options including postal, email and telephone use for single / multiple use of the data and let you know the costs involved.

Contact our sales team on 01978 784600 to find out more