BBS Sort & Save Software update

BBS Sort & Save Update

Version 10.48 Release Note

(Some changes were made to the available services during 2023, and have already been implemented and released in version 10.47)

Major Changes to Royal Mail Retail and Wholesale Services from January 2024

Availability of the Default Postcode option (see below).
Manual Mailmark: Directs (Access 1400) are withdrawn. Only Residues (Access 70) are available.
Manual Catalogue Mail: Residues can now be used as well as Directs, as a bridge to April 2024 when Directs will be withdrawn.

Major Changes to Royal Mail Retail and Wholesale Services from April 2024

All OCR services withdrawn.
All Mech services withdrawn.
Manual: Directs (Access 1400) withdrawn, only Residues Access 70) are available.

Default Postcode Option from January 2024

This is available as an option of the Options -> Defaults screen.
This new feature will be of great benefit for Mailmark users with files with poor postcode quality (less than 90%) or for users who use the 4 state barcode.
If a file does not reach the 90% postcoding accuracy threshold, then currently Sort & Save demotes the excess items to Standard Tariff.

If you select the Default Postcode option, then for every item that is eligible for Mailmark, the system will use the default postcode (XY99 1AA) on every item that is not fully postcoded. For these items you only pay a 1.5p surcharge (in most cases) instead of having to pay to use Standard Tariff. The surcharge applies only to the number of items that are below the 90% limit.

In the case of 4 state users, where every item without a full postcode currently goes via Standard Tariff, a large proportion of those items will now be able to be sent via standard Mailmark .

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